Peix&Co at the WomenBuyingPower-Conference.

 Gemma Cernuda presented The GenderFilter at the 1rst  WomenBuyingPower Conference.

Copenhaguen gathered almost 100 women&men to understand how to market to women

Women Buying Power

Freezing for a Spanish and warm for a Sweedish  was the beautiful city of Copenhaguen on March the 2nd, when I landed in Denmark. And there were 2 exciting days waiting for me ahead in the city of the little mermaid that also gave some time to go jogging around the beautiful lakes to enjoy its beauty and landscape.

It was a 3 day conference with 20 different speakers from Denmark, Sweeden, Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Spain… That aproach the diffrenet ways brands, services and companies should consider women needs, perspective and values in order to design , communicate, produce and explain their products and services.

I had the enourmous priviledge to be part of it, from the beggining, becous the 3 women founders and creators of the Conference wanted my advise from the very beggining. Tatiana, Camilla and Bodil  have their innovation&communication businesses in Swedden and we met 3 years ago in Chicago at he Marketing To Women Conference.n There I explained that I organised the 1rst International Conference on feminine marketing in Barcelona in 2010 and they were realy willing to do that in northern Europe as a more holistic approach. Contemplating ; design, enginering, marketing, brandinf, sales, production, service…

I was presenting for the first time internationaly the pioneering service called The GenderFilter; that Peix&Co and Ellas deciden have developed to help brands  to connect better with both men&women. I exlained the SEVEN FILTERS that every product, service, campaign and brand should pass and succed in order to be successful in the market and be accepted and desired by women and men. The Presentation is here.

Here there is also my own brefing and kind of «WomenBuyingPower Manifesto » that I wrote in form of 42 tips to bring back home and improve my business:

WomenBuyingPower Conference 40+points

Copenhaguen, March 3rd-4th by Gemma Cernuda

1. Men are controlling more of the spending power tan before; from 17%-22%. Linda Scott

 2. Women not only BUY but also control and influence this “80%” so often said and mentioned. Linda Scott

3. Women have technophobia. Linda Scott

4. Women are the “point of entry” of the market. Linda Scott

5. The best way to help the children of the world is to put money in the pockets of their mothers” Linda Scott

6. We need to design products with gender-lens in order to engage the decision makers; women. Linda Scott

7. The “cause-related” marketing is what women connect with ; Brands committed with real causes. Linda Scott

8. Business is about making people smile; Klauss Schroeder

9. A product has to provide an experience that makes the consumer smile. Kaluss Schroeder

10. There is a need for translation from male perspective to female perspective, when designing items. Klaus Schroeder

11. We see new uses because we focus in female needs. Klaus Schroeder

12. Female interaction results; provide-make-feel.

13. We need a gender know-how as a requisite for excellence. Klaus Schroeder

13. When talking to women in banking; we go from fashionista to economista; from shopcoholic to savecoholic. Liana “Collector”

14. Women are aware, conscious, responsible, controllers. Liana “Collector”

15. Wake up women; we are the new power group. Take command! Liana “Collector”

16. Detecting the fears of your product, service, and proposal; is the key to succeed. Carolina GE

17. Women 50+ are “The MAPPIs” ; Mature, Active, Pioneers, Person. Amelia by Mmagazine

18. Do not send us home with a manual, come home and sow me how it works. Amelia by Mmagazine

19. Be trustworthy (ethos+logos+pathos). Amelia by Mmagazine

20. In the ads; we want real women with real results. Mary Dean

21. We all, men and women, without noticing it, tend to fall downs into the status quo. Mary Dean

22. If women car for their kids, then mothers can be their heroes. Mary Dean

23. Trust the intuition of the women in your team. Mary Dean

24. Invite women to action instead of telling (patronizingly) what to do. Mary Dean

25. The way to a women’s heart is trough her brain. Mary Dean

26. Stop assuming and get ready to listen to the bad news about your company. Elle, Q8

27. The 5trends for 2014; fast, health, green, easy, luxury. Anna Karin

27. A  woman only gets 25% of what a sales person offers to her. A man gets almost 90%.

28. Design means meaning for making. Design means making something meaningful. Markus Jahnke

29. Artifacts’ design, are part of a constructing gender. Markus Jahnke

30. Misunderstanding brings new solutions. Markus Jahnke

31. Be willing to change norms is the first step of innovation. Markus Jahnke

32. The LASS methodology; Look, Ask, Solve and Sell; when re-designing products with a new perspective. Camilla&Tatiana

33. You can change and improve; The Product, The Message; The Channels or The Sales methods. Tatiana&Camilla

34. Dunbar`s Number is the quantity of people you can maintain a network with; and this is 150 people.

 35. Change comes from women. Mabel Mummberor

36. Ads Change the way we see the world. Mabel Mummberor

37. Instead of telling that your brand is good; do good things; BE good!

38. Images Engage!. Match your headlines with images.

39. Women are “digital divas”. Ulrika Sobtell

40. Every time you buy a product, you “vote” for something. Ulrika Sobtell.

41. We need to analyze our product, design, communication, packaging, campaign, brand, service and see if it passes The GenderFilter©. Gemma Cernuda

42. If we create products& messages with a gender perspective, we will get better business because we will be including her and satisfying him too. Gemma Cernuda


It was a great conference and some of us are already working at a Europan level to creat a Board of experts with a Gender Perspective in order to help brands to engage better with the 80% of the decision makers; WOMEN.

Something like a EU femBOARD to assist companies and share cases and insights among us. We’ll be working on that and posting the evolution of this exciting and challenging idea.

Have a great week and thank you for giving me some feed-back!

Gemma Cernuda-Canelles

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