Insights from the Global Summit of Women in Athens 2012, by Gemma Cernuda

GSW 12 insights
©Gemma Cernuda-Canelles, Athens June the 3rd  2012


1.  It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, the most response to change. Darwin
2. Economy is masculine but purchasing is feminine. Gemma Cernuda
3. The femangle (feminine angle)
4. The are ONLY 15% women on the TOP banking brands
5. We have to ask for more. Ana María Llopis
6. I DO believe in quotas; Promoting the women female talent. Ana María Llopis
7. We have to work applying partiality. Ana María Llopis
8. COST is something you have to control. Angeliki Frangou
9. We have to control our finances and continue with the GROW. Rosa García
10. It is the time to find long terms agreements. Rosa García
11. We need to be DECISIVE. Rosa García
12. BE the best in something and SAY so. Rosa García
13. The world is the LIMIT. Rosa García
14. We have to apply innovation in DOING, THINKING and EXPLAINING. Rosa García
15. Forget about security, and be passionate about your job, the the success will COME. Rosa García
16. 4 megatrends; aging, energy, transportation and efficiency. Rosa García
17.  The big megatrend is ASIA. Angeliki Frangou
18.  Self discipline is the key to have ethical brands and companies. Carol Lambert
19.  Avoid sophistication in the process; we are more basic and primary. Carol Lambert
20. ETHICS AND TRANSPARENCY are the differentiating attributes to start up again. Sungjoo Kim
21. We do generalization of isolated incidents. Vuyo Mahlati
22. A women reputation is ALL she has; there is no forgiveness for women. Vuyo Mahlati
23. We’ll have a better planet when we put women at the center. Vuyo Mahlati
24. The moment man has an affaire; he is accepted and OK; the moment the women has it, her whole life will be this.
25. As my kids grew, so did my business and my dreams. Norma Rosenhain
26. Sustainability differentiates your brand. Norma Rosenhain
27. You need a VISION; POWER to make it happen ad PEOPLE to accompany you. Norma Rosenhain
28. Needed to be the BEST; Value the effort of the team; Give back; Understand how to network. Norma Rosenhain
29. To network, you have to be there; do it every day; speak less and listen more; look your best; be positive , be inspiring; built strong relationships. Norma Rosenhain
30. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Norma Rosenhain
31. Commit; Passionate and Focus. Norma Rosenhain
32. It is never too late to begin in the social media. Núria Vilanova
33. Investing in women; makes BUSINESS sense. The world bank
34. Failure it’s not personal; it’s business. Pamela Teagarden
35. Inquire. Acknowledge. Advocate and resolve. Celine Realuyo
36. The ones that think in the third way are WOMEN. Celine Realuyo
37.  Prepare. Practice. Present. Persist. Prevail. Celine Realuyo
38. Bring a small card with you, like a “shopping list” not to forget what you want to GET
39. You need triple the time to prepare the negotiation meeting than the time the meeting will long. Celine Realuyo
40. A mentor is an advisor
41.  A mentor has to help you to create your own personal branding
42. The best tip is to go with numbers and facts; and it’s FREE. Gloria Lorenzo
43. The mentees need to be AUTHENTIC
44. We create algorithms to create a better world: Regina Llopis
45. Ethics is profitable. Regina Llopis
46. Women are over mentored and under sponsored. Ursula Schwan
47.  A sponsor talks to me; with me and for me. Patricia Harris
48. Ask your clients what they expect from you; they have the answer to innovation. Julia Lopez
49. Support & Attack; negotiation strategy. Sara Berger
50. From the beginning; wait; ask; be PTIENT; SELF CONTROLED AND DO not reacts. Sara Berger
51.  Personalize the feeling in you do not attack them. Sara Berger
52. The power of ATTITTUDE is our power to negotiate. Sara Berger
53. Have a plan! Sara Berger
54. Be emotionally prepared to get what you want. Sara Berger
55. Failure is the thing you learn the best from.  Celine Realuyo
56. Make failures and learn from them and GROW. Sara Berger
57.  Listen more; talk less and get what they need! Sara Berger
58.  Start seeing women as economic powerful. Irene Natividad
59.  Gender equality means SMART economics. The World Bank
60.  No one gives away power; you have to GET out and GET it! Irene Natividad

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