How to market finantial products to Women #SheBanking

“8 TIPS for Succesfully -Marketing Finantial Productos to Women.”

This was one of the 40 papers and articles that we read, analised and discussed to write the 1st WHITE PAPER on Women&Banking , called #SheBanking that we published and presented in BCN 3 months ago. This specific one , published by the Women´s World Banking, is very well written and sumarised and it is a good way to understand how Finantial Institutions should adress Women.

This 8 tips are;

  1. Always Start With market Reasearch.
  2. Institutions must market Products to Clients and Staff.
  3. Make sure Communications are Relevant to clients.
  4. Marketing Training for Staff must be ongoing, reinforced ,and linked to the mission.
  5. Communicating your social mission can have finantial returns
  6. Changing everyday Vocabulary can make a big difference.
  7. Clients are your best marketers.
  8. Provision of Non-Finantial services to Women, can increase the value of Finantial Products.

Readit and see how important it is for the banking industry undestanding the 80% of the purchasing decision makers. #SHEBANKING.



This Paper was created by the Women’s World Banking. Click on the image to download the pdf.

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