My Insights from the 10th M2W Conference in Chicago

 Marketing to Women re-visited ; My OWN 90 Insights

The 10th Anniversary of this amazing conference in Chicago : 2005-2014

Early in May I had the priviledge to participate in the 10th Marketing to Women World Conference in Chicago and here you have some of the thoughts, insights and reflections that I brought back home. I hope you can contextualize them and fill them with meaning and sense. Some are afirmations, some are ideas, some are thoughts, some are future trends , and some are predictions… but ALL of them reinforce the fact that Women make the majority of the purchasing desitions and brands and corporations should be listening and taking them MUCH MORE seriously. Here there are my 90 points;

  1. Women are multiminding –  Kelley Skoloda
  2. Popularity: The pressure to be interesting- Bridget Brennan
  3. Social media is Visual and Women –Bridget Brennan
  4. let’s facilitate a Photo-call in store for your clients to go social  in situ- Bridget Brennan
  5. The mini-me effect; services and products are for all ages.-Bridget Brennan
  6. Can your brand move on the “age-spectrum”?-  Bridget Brennan
  7. Health&Wellness; is it good for me and my family? – Bridget Brennan
  8. Can a brand be vegetarian?- Bridget Brennan
  9. Good design is always expected. – Bridget Brennan
  10. Bread wining (breading) women are 40% in the US. –Bridget Brennan
  11. Hyatt Hotels Hospitality is design with women in charge not in mind.-Bridget Brennan
  12. The retail experience is wider: sell, cook and eat. –  Bridget Brennan
  13. The millennial (born before 1.980) are more educated, richer and singles; have more power. – Bridget Brennan
  14. Singlehood is in all stages.- Bridget Brennan
  15. 40% divorce rate in the US.- Bridget Brennan
  16. Women dominate the aging reputation; More than 80 years. –  Bridget Brennan
  17. Content has to resonate with women.- M2W 2014
  18. 24% of women have their own Blog or are content creators.- M2W 2014
  19. 36% of women interact and recommend brands.- M2W 2014
  20. Women are persons not consumers. – M2W 2014
  21. We have to distribute content across channels not across media. – M2W 2014
  22. ex: McDonalds campaigning with women runners.-
  23. Mums are married later, have kids later, worker and 50% are single mums.- M2W 2014
  24. Brands connects with women trough ethics; community, values and quality.- M2W 2014
  25. We need to give women the right content in the right context. M2W 2014
  26. Re-connecting with women, we enable them to re-discover the brand and say “I’m loving it”. M2W 2014
  27. We have to engage her in her terms. M2W 2014
  28. We as a brand need to recognize the influencers. Ekaterina Walter
  29. The new marketing is influential marketing. Ekaterina Walter
  30. Identify and activity, to be relevant and traction. Ekaterina Walter
  31. Make your contents easy to create and share. Ekaterina Walter
  32. When an advocate recommends a brand is 10 times more successful than when the brand itself does it. Ekaterina Walter
  33. Explain stories, easy to share and track them. Ekaterina Walter
  34. People adapt different attitudes for different types of retail. M2W 2014
  35. Disposal is very important: re-duce, re-use, re-cycle. M2W 2014
  36. Sustainability; giving a new use to the packaging. M2W 2014
  37. 80% of times; if you touch a product, you will get it. M2W 2014
  38. We have to re-define femminity. Laurel Richie-
  39. Achievement knows no gender. Laurel Richie-   
  40. We have to show the world what women ca be as athletes and athletes can be as citizens. Laurel Richie
  41. Health wellness needs physical activity. Laurel Richie
  42. Sports with children family drive to a healthy living. Laurel Richie
  43. We are a flag for inclusion diversity. We inspire women. Laurel Richie
  44. Once you can struggle and succeed with a family and career, you can create your own company. Rachel Dalton
  45. We have to create brands with a touch of community. M2W 2014
  46. From mindfulness to mindfullness. M2W 2014
  47. We are in a cashless society. M2W 2014
  48. We are going towards a serene consumerism. M2W 2014
  49. Women want; emotions, faces, human elements, facts and figures. M2W 2014
  50. Think women in 3D; not be trivial. M2W 2014
  51. Be a relatable brand. M2W 2014
  52. Demonstrate what your brand can do for them (and how!) M2W 2014
  53. Don’t let them down- Don’t be patronizing! M2W 2014
  54. A car for a woman has to be clean, gets her home, has to have space, and great performance. M2W 2014
  55. We have emotional memory. M2W 2014
  56. Be simple and direct to have a better storytelling. M2W 2014
  57. My deficiency in life has been my strength in my professional life. M2W 2014
  58. What is your perceived handicap? M2W 2014
  59. Harley Davisson fulfils dreams of personal freedom. M2W 2014
  60. A GREAT campaign for women is when we “understand THEIR STRUGGLE”.  Barbara Lippert.
  61. Blogging; showing not saying, connection, signals. M2W 2014
  62. When engagement; transaction gets closer. M2W 2014
  63. Tobacco SLIMS Ad campaigns in the 40´s – She made her own decisions. Marti Barletta
  64. Beginning of Virginia tobacco ads went from “women decide to women are in charge to it’s a woman thing”. Marti Barletta
  65. 2004 we are equal, now we are different; confusing! Marti Barletta
  66. We need DATA; science not stereotypes! Marti Barletta
  67. One a part of the industry turns towards women… the rest of the companies DO too.  Marti Barletta
  68. What is new is the environment in which women are living. Marti Barletta
  69. Millennial do not have the BIG money. Prime time women DO. Marti Barletta
  70. New trends, Bi-polar markets; Global markets and Global warming. Marti Barletta
  71. Women look for the better answer. Alberto Pierpaoli.
  72. Demographics are changing and not taken into account. Alberto Pierpaoli
  73. For an inclusive marketing we need more men working in gender issues. Alberto Pierpaoli
  74. Trend; there will be more creative agencies run only by women because the creative directors of the big ad agencies are ALL men. Alberto Pierpaoli
  75. Target/Coca-cola/Deloitte/Sodexo/Wallmart/Kimberly Clarck are doing it well empowering women. Jeffery Tobias
  76. Women are the 80% talent; have the power of 80% revenue and have 80% of engagement in their jobs. Jeffery Tobias
  77. 62% of women believe that they know their body&health better than their doctors do. M2W 2014
  78. Women gather all the information. M2W 2014
  79.  You as a brand need to understand what I am and what I need in order for me to decide what I do. M2W 2014
  80. Women demand personalized health programs. M2W 2014
  81. A desire also needs a plan. Reflect, Plan and Do. M2W 2014
  82. As a brand HELP her to accomplish a plan. M2W 2014
  83. Women make brands smarter. M2W 2014
  84. 40% of women store contents daily. Yahoo
  85. We have to overcome indifference. Yahoo
  86. There are two levels of contents; to elevate the consumer feelings or To Inform about your product. Yahoo
  87. Your brand can not be the hero… It has to be the storyteller (EX; RedBull and the space jumping). Yahoo
  88. A brand has to know why she says something. Yahoo
  89. A brand has to give MORE than what she takes. Yahoo
  90. Men are beggining to get it… ¡look at the audience! Nan McCan

I hope you find those insights interesting and useful , and; what is more, they move you to new situations, scenarios, frames and new campaigns with your clients, companies and brands. Please share them and give me your feed-back!

We , in Peix&Co-Ellas Deciden, keep on working to bring some more «feminine» values into brands,

Gemma Cernuda-Canelles

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