Thank You Mr. President; Thanks Donald Trump!

Women’s March thanks to a macho man.

Ellas Deciden in the Globe.

Last saturday – January the 21rst- the world was united. We went on the 1rst Global Women’s March. Five millions of women and many men around the world (even in Antarctica) spoke up, they went out the streets and they said NO. No to an unfair, wrong, embarrasing and ilegal treatment and vision of women. Millions of women united , hold each other hands and assertively and happy gathered in the streets of the main cities to say “Girl Power vs Trump Tower”.

We went from a United States of America to a United State of Women. 

The day after Presidential day; the day after Donald Trump began beeing officialy the President of the United States of America, the United Women became a State. It was naturaly created. And those are the strongest ones.

Thank You Mr. President!. Thanks Donald for having awaken the feminist spirit in all of us. Thank you for having provoked even  the most conservative people, and convert them into a feminist . Thank you for made us angry and giving us the energy and will to fill the streets with good vibration, good attitude and the conviction to make it clear that ” We are linked and we are never turning back”.

Don’t miss the 10 minutes speech that Gloria Steinem gave in Washington DC in front of 1 milion people at the Women’s March.

Here are some pearls;

  • God is in the details, but Godess are in the connections.
  • We are Linked.
  • We look next to not Up to.
  • we are never turning back.
  • We risk vulnerability.
  • We don´t have our masculinity to prove.
  • This planet needs more women and gender equality.

For the first time globaly Women marched, Women united and Women decided.

Gemma Cernuda


 Some women in Antarctica standing up and participating with the Global movement.

 This lady in Washington DC imitating the iconic symbol “We can do it”. 

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