UCLA #W50: Leadership & Women & Boards

Women to Rule the World #W50

It has been a unique, memorable, amazing, inspiring, eye-opener, exciting and one of a kind experience. It was a designed and curated coincidence of feminine talent put together to network. We were 44 women from 23 countries from all over the globe to grow, share, learn and move on wisely to the next stage of our professional lives.

The experience happened at Anderson School of Management in UCLA , it lasted 1 week -24/7- and it was thanks to the initiative of Banco Santander of promoting Women in leadership positions and making their way to the BOARDS easier. We were 44 women sponsored with an incredible scholarship that united us with the same mission and goal; Stand Out and Fit In.

Yes, it has been a real present and a new engine for my next step in my career

Gemma Cernuda-Canelles

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