Are we still marketing to -only- Women?

Gemma Cernuda Munich 2015

MY INSIGHTS from the Women Buying Power Conference.

MUNICH 26-27 February

  1. In Spain Women decide 60% – 70% of the purchasing decisions.
  2. Women have more spending power than incoming salary.
  3. There is an estimated earned income.
  4. Spending UP- salary DOWN.
  5. Pay discrimination is a big factor.
  6. Women are more critical about the money and the government.
  7. Future women 25-30 years old; will take care of their parents and parent’s in-low.
  8. We need products to make their lives easier.
  9. Mobility; connection; memory; recognition;
  10. Consumption drives economy.
  11. The potential pregnancy case.
  12. Women do not buy a house; they buy the whole neighbourhood.
  13. Good female friendly brands;
  14. Inclusive Brands: Gigaset; Always; Dove; Method.
  15. Gender transparency.
  16. Put people names after products.
  17. Engendering cities.
  18. Female interaction.
  19. Female driven innovation products.
  20. Female perspective; female friendly results.
  21. If there is an impact on people; there is a business impact.
  22. Gender know-how.
  23. Always have a 3 option pocket.
  24. Human brands (masc+fem).
  25. Design strategy.
  26. #PinkTax ; is pink a luxury colour?
  27. Empathy economics.
  28. it’s all about details.
  29. Women empower Harley Davidson; not the other way round.
  30. It is very relaxing -for a women- to be doing only one thing at a time.
  31. A brand teaches me how to do something I had no idea how to.
  32. Every motorcycle we make is for women, but men drive them too.
  33. 40% of business travellers in the EU are women.
  34. In a Fem-hotel Women ask for Power shower; free wi-fi: heavy mattress and security.
  35. For a man, Gender,  is just a concept that never has experienced.
  36. Inclusive innovation.
  37. Women intricity.
  38. If we ask the same questions; we’ll have the same answers.
  39. Do we do the right things? Or Do we do the things right?
  40. Necessity is the mother of innovation.
  41. We liked being women; we do no want to be charged for the privilege of it!

A great 3 day conferences and networking events that gathered some of the key people in northern europe workin, investing, researching and doing more femenine brands, products, designs and business. A great conference to come , to participate and to support.

Always learning ( and sharing),

Gemma Cernuda-Canelles

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